Feed the Hungry Puppy!

Letter Recognition Game for Kids

This stationary DIY ABC learning game was enhanced by adding a movement component to make it a great kinesthetic learning tool. To make your own Hungry Puppy, glue a magnet on a small stuffed animal, gather some alphabet magnets, and a dog dish (or any bowl you have at home) and have your ABC’s of Movement® activity cards handy. Don’t have a set? Purchase the physical product or a downloadable PDF  that can be printed from your home. Children will love this early childhood literacy activity as they take turns feeding the puppy alphabet letters, identifying the letters, the sound that each letter represents, and then leading their friends in the alphabet movements. If you want to see what sets us apart from all the other early childhood activity flashcards click here (add link). Encourage older children to identify words that start with each letter the puppy chooses or find items in your home or classroom that starts with the same letter. 

This fun, hands-on early literacy game is perfect for children 3-7 years of age and should be played with adult supervision. In addition to alphabet letter recognition and language and literacy development, this fun gross motor game helps children develop social emotional learning by taking turns and waiting their turn. Are you ready to play? Follow along as we boost your child’s literacy skills through movement by watching our video. Our blog page has more creative learning ideas designed for children to learn through play. Lastly, these fun alphabet activities can combined with music  to further enhance the learning experience even more!

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