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Giving a good education to children is a job that requires many different tools and skills. Here are some other blogs, lessons, and guides to help you with education.

Online Physical Education Network

As a National OPEN trainer, Laurie presents at conferences and provides professional development. Trainings focus on sharing OPEN’s free, online movement exploration resources with Early Childhood Professionals.

Air Childcare Training

As an Air Author, Laurie has created several online trainings. All of her engaging trainings focus on movement enhanced learning.

Pushing Into the Classroom

As the co-creator of this webinar, Laurie covers the background and research on this hot topic. However, the bulk of the content focuses on practical, actionable ideas and strategies you can start using today!

Creative Pediatric Treatment Strategies

As the co-creator of this webinar, Laurie shares fun, easy, and creative ideas for kids that can be used in therapy, the classroom, or at home!

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“The children love using the activity cards. We put them in the music area and they use them on their own! The children love the visual aspect of the cards.” – Brenda, Pre-School Teacher

“We use the cards in kindergarten every day when we transition from one activity to another.”- Becky, Kindergarten Teacher

“Perfect for Preschool!”- Rhonda, Preschool Teacher

” I love the alliteration!”- Kathy, SLP

“ABC’s of Movement is the first motor activity that my preschooler enjoys doing with me (Mom). She didn’t like doing standard at home “therapy” work but she readily accepts this structured “game”. Not only is she making progress with her delays, but we are both getting exercise and laughing while trying the creative activities and reading the funny rhymes. I am so grateful for this program.”- Rose, Mother of Preschooler with special needs