Free Resources

Are you searching for active learning resources that are aligned to Early Childhood Standards and are FREE and FUN? If so, you need to check out the Online Physical Education Network (OPEN) at

Originally created for P.E. teachers, this site recently expanded to include Early Childhood (EC) Movement Exploration lessons. With the motto of #teachershelpingteachers, these FREE activity plans and ideas are possible as a public service thru OPEN is a high quality resource provided as a public service in order to provide greater equity of access to all programs regardless of socioeconomic and funding status.

Once you register as an OPEN user, you gain access to customizable activity plans that will meet the needs of your unique learning setting. The EC activities are standards based and can be done with simple materials such as hoops, bean bags, and scarves.

For example, hoop games such as 1,2,3 Lift Off encourages phonological awareness as young children drop their hoops when they hear pairs of words that rhyme. Colored Igloos encourages cooperation, sharing, counting and cardinality as children share the same space inside colored hoops and count how many friends are sharing their hoop. The 24” diameter hoops available thru are the perfect size for preschoolers.

A portion of every catalog sale supports OPEN and helps to grow the library of OPEN’s FREE resources. The best part is…they are FREE to everyone! Perfect for EC classroom teachers, push-in therapists, day care providers, or parents, OPEN resources are available to anyone who values the importance of combining movement with learning.

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