Power Deck Cards

Who created the Power Deck Cards?

I love supporting my friends and sharing resources- especially when they create educational products that helps kids learn actively. Power Deck cards by Pam Powers at Physical Powers is a great tool for engaging and teaching kinesthetic learners. 

Pam is a dynamo who I met when I became a National OPEN Trainer. She is the newly appointed Executive Director of the Golden Apple Foundation of New Mexico and an educational consultant that spends every day inspiring people, young and old, to be physically active. She’s also an award-winning educator and her first love is dance. In fact, she choreographed the dance for the ABC’s of Movement theme song! This gal does it all!

About The Cards

Enough gushing about Pam…on to her amazing product. Power Deck cards are a set of 66, 5×7 cards in six colors that are numbered 1-10 and six additional Power Cards. Each color has a unique animal. They were created to be used like playing cards, except way more useful and fun!

Designed for classroom management, physical activity, math, and pattern recognition, these cards can do it all! Not only that, they are a great distance teaching resource.

I use my Power Deck cards all the time and I wanted to share a few of the ways with you! I hope you find this helpful when planning your lessons for your little students! 

1. Use As Basic Math Tool

Whether you’re teaching from home or at school, this pack of cards is an amazing tool to help you teach common number counting that a child can use on a daily basis. Now, math can be more fun than ever as you play different games to help quiz, teach, and create learning patterns!

2. Helps With Pattern Recognition

Each deck has 6 different colors with 10 numbers in each set. These colors include red, yellow, orange, green, blue, and purple. With so many combinations, the Power Deck is an excellent tool for helping you challenge students to excel in memory and pattern matching! Whether you’re teaching kids how to match or using them for a memory test, these cards are the best!

3. Teacher Aid In Classroom Management

Trying to manage a classroom of children can often seem like an insurmountable challenge. With these incredibly useful and educational resources, the day-to-day lesson plans can become exciting! Use these cards to add engaging and educational activities for the whole class.

4. Use As Part of Physical Activity

Kids often seem to have a never-ending supply of energy. Now you can utilize that energy! Go and create fun and engaging number games which will have them learning while using up some of their pent-up energy. Whatever basic curriculum you’re teaching, these cards are sure to be the tool you need for some great ideas!

More Resources

With all the uncertainty of this upcoming school year, our hope is to provide you with some resources and ideas that will help you engage and have fun with your young learners.

If you are looking early math and early literacy resources, The Power Deck cards and the ABC’s of Movement cards have you covered. If you are new to our blog, and would love to hear more about the ABC’s of Movement cards, check out this post or click here to download your ABC’s of Movement cards!

For free Power Deck resources click here! 

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