You’ve Got Mail!

Looking for a Valentine Activity that works on fine motor skills, social emotional learning, and gross motor skills? How about, You’ve Got Mail! Prep is very easy…visit the Dollar Tree and purchase a cardboard mailbox and a box of Valentine cards. Total cost is $2! Or, your students can work together to make a Valentine box by decorating an old shoe box. Whatever works for you?

First, separate the Valentine cards and write gross motor movements on the back of each of the cards. For example, on each card you could write stand on one foot, jump in place five times and freeze, arm circles, clap (ten times in front of your body, over your head, to the left, to the right, down by the floor, and behind your back), hop on one foot, trunk twists, heel raises, and squats.

If you have enough room in your space, you could also write gallop, skip, alligator march, and duck walk. Or, make up your own gross motor moves. Then, put all the Valentines in the box, close the door and let the large group movement game begin. Instruct the children that they will take turns opening the mailbox, removing ONE Valentine, and leading the group in the gross motor movement that is listed on the back. Each time a child takes a turn say, [the child’s name] You’ve Got Mail!

This movement oriented group activity not only works on a variety of gross motor skills (like jumping, balancing, and galloping) and fine motor skills (by opening the mailbox and removing only one Valentine) it also works on social emotional learning such as turn taking, waiting your turn, and self-regulation. Children LOVE getting mail and when it is combined with movement, it is even better!

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