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Why add music to movement & literacy?

Music and movement go together just like peanut butter and jelly. Adding music when using the ABC’s of Movement®further helps the body and mind work together. Music and movement instruction has been shown to improve memory, cognitive development, learning skills, and cooperative group learning.  By adding music, the multi-sensory learning experience is further enhanced. The importance of music and movement is crucial when implementing a whole-child approach to learning.

Xylophone waiting for someone to play fun music

The newly enhance ABC’s of Movement music CD consists of 27 tracks.  The first track is the theme song followed by 26 alphabet tracks from A-Z. Composed using cultural music influences from around the world, the songs reinforce either the rhyming or the alliteration sentences on each alphabet card. For example, the letter “A” song emphasizes the rhyming sentence, “march like an alligator to the waiter and do it sooner, not later”. The genre used is US-Folk Pop and the length is short enough for children to march like alligators around the learning environment (but not too long so the children don’t loose interest). Other genres featured include Brazil-Samba/Bossa Nova, Folk-waltz in ¾ time, Jazz Shuffle, and Rap Fusion.

The music CD can be purchased on our store page or can be downloaded from the list of streaming services listed below.

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