My Mission: Preschoolers start school ready to learn, and my research shows that children learn best through movement! 34% of children entering kindergarten cannot identify letters of the alphabet by name (NCES, 2000). By combining movement experiences with the alphabet, children learn their letters and make literacy connections while improving their large motor skills.


Finally a product that combines movement with the educational process.

Liza, Occupational Therapist

These movement cards are a wonderful way to reinforce my existing literacy instruction. Many of my students benefit from moving and learning rather than just sitting at their desks.

Kristi, Elementary School Intervention Specialist

We use The ABC’s of Movement all the time in our preschool class because moving while learning is so important!

Brittani, Preschool Teacher

The ABC’s of Movement® is an excellent product that not only makes learning fun for kids but emphasizes the importance of activity and exercise at a young age! I absolutely love this product and think it is such a fun, creative idea that can be used in multiple settings!

Dr. Nicole, Pediatrician

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