The Playful Alphabet & Sammy Chases the Alphabet

Our Friends At JDEducational

Hey All, a friend of mine has created some amazing early childhood resources and I must share them with you. This post does contain affiliate links.

Are you looking for playful ways to teach your kids the alphabet but do not know where to start your search “Pre-K Your Way”  series may be your answer. Created by Jeana Kinne at JDEducational,  “The Playful Alphabet” is designed for preschoolers and offers no less than five hands-on learning activities for each alphabet letter!

I was drawn to this early educational resource for parents and teachers because it complements my product, the ABC’s of Movement  Activity cards and has a similar focus on multisensory learning as my book, the “ABC’s of Active Learning“. Jeana’s series of books include fun and age-appropriate activities which support children’s developmental milestones, preparing them for Kindergarten and beyond.

Sammy Stories

In addition to these sensory rich Pre-K Activities, Jeana is also the author of Sammy Stories.

Sammy Chases the Alphabet is just one of several books in a series known as Sammy Stories. Sammy, the golden retriever, is the main character of the “Sammy the Golden Dog” children’s books and is based on Jeana’s own fir baby, Kona. Sammy teaches children important lessons through colorful and engaging books, along with simple games.

I especially found “Sammy Chases the Alphabet” valuable because of my own passion for teaching the alphabet by incorporating movement.


For example, after reading “Sammy Chases the Alphabet” you and your child can:

1. Count the total number of uppercase and lowercase letters that match the letter ball on each page.
2.Find all the words that start with the same letter as the ball on each page. This simple alliteration activity is an essential language and literacy activity for preschoolers. Drawing children’s attention to alliteration is a great way to introduce phonemes, small units of speech sounds that make up words.
3. Find the words that rhyme on each page. Rhyme play directs children’s attention to the similarities and differences in the sounds of words. This is also crucial in language development in early childhood.

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About Jeana

Jeana is no stranger to early years education. She has over 18 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education. She states, “Learning through play eliminates the stress of parenting, is easy to do and strengthens every parents bond with their child. I wanted to find a way to help all families teach their children necessary academic and social skills in a way that meets every child’s unique learning style (in a way that busy families could complete and on a budget)”.

Separate, her products are great tools for engaging and teaching kinesthetic learners. Bundle them together and the FUN and learning is enhanced even more!

Kids Love "Sammy Chases The Alphabet"

I love supporting my friends and sharing resources- especially when they create educational products that helps kids learn through active play. I saw firsthand how much preschoolers love listening and interacting with the book “Sammy Chases the Alphabet”. I am sure your kiddos will too. 

I feel a great connection with Jeana not only because we are passionate about movement, messiness, and creativity into early literacy instruction, but she hopes to one day have a place large enough to have a pet pig. And, as many of you know, I have a potbelly pig named Petunia!

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