Puppies and Kitties Valentine's Game

Here is another great gross motor game you can do on a shoe string budget!

Purchase a box of puppy and kitty themed Valentines that also include stickers. Find a die and affix a sticker on each of the sides of the dice (3 puppy and 3 kitty stickers total). Write a gross motor movement on the back of each of the Valentines.  For example, on each card you could write stand on one foot, jump in place five times and freeze, arm circles, clap (ten times in front of your body, over your head, to the left, to the right, down by the floor, and behind your back), hop on one foot, trunk twists, heel raises, and squats. If you have enough room in your area, you could also write gallop, skip, alligator march, and duck walk. Or, make up your own gross motor moves.

Now you are ready to play! Make two piles of cards; one pile of puppies and one pile of kitties. Instruct children to take turns gently rolling the dice, identifying if they rolled a puppy or a kitty and then select the corresponding Valentine card. Help them read the movement on the back of the card and then lead their friends in the movement. This gross motor Valentines game not only work on large motor skill development but also fine motor development, matching, and self-regulation/turn taking.

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